From: Rick Butler <>
Date: Monday, April 27, 2020
Subject: All-American 2019-2020
First off, on behalf of the Membership Department, I hope that everyone out there is staying safe and taking care of yourself and your family during this stressful time. The ongoing pandemic has impacted much of the VFW’s operations, but we’re proud to say that we are still seeing growth and retention of our membership as we approach the last few months of the membership year.
Many have asked if this will affect programs such as the All-American contest. After discussion with Commander-in-Chief Doc Schmitz, the following changes have been made:
- Post All-American: the requirement to purchase Buddy Poppies has been waived, due to the current inability to fulfill orders from the National Headquarters.
- Department All-American: the requirement to establish one new Post or raise three Posts that began the year under 50 members to above 50 members has been waived, due to the ongoing pandemic making it impossible to hold Post institution proceedings or recruiting events.
- Department All-American: membership percentage quotas have been adjusted to 98%.
No other changes have been made at this time, all other Membership and Program-related criteria remain the same.
To help encourage our Posts to revitalize their membership efforts even amidst this hardship, the Membership Department is offering a special incentive as part of the Commander-in-Chief’s special Commander’s Challenge for the month of May.
From May 1st through May 31st, we will be looking to our Posts to increase membership numbers. Whether by recruiting new members, retaining Annual members who renew their dues or convert to Life, or by reinstating lapsed members – we will be selecting the top fifteen Posts in each membership division based on increase in membership percentage and drawing three Posts per division to receive a $1,000 stipend that will be deposited into the Post account.
Finish in the top 15 in your division for membership increase, and your Post will have a chance to be one of three drawn to receive this stipend! We encourage all of our Posts to start contacting their expiring Annual members, your lapsed members, and any eligible veterans you know of in your communities and help us keep our membership strong. During this time of crisis, our veterans need the VFW more than ever. And the VFW needs our members so that we can fulfill our mission. We’re calling on all of you to show the world how we all DARE TO CARE and that when it comes to helping our comrades, NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS.
Rick Butler
Director, Membership
VFW National Headquarters
406 W. 34th Street Suite 320
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Office: 816.968.2752
Cell: 816.728.9921
Fax: 816.968.2728